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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-1 (Page-6)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-1

76. The least perfect square divisible by 3,4,5,6 and 8 is:
(a) 3600                                                    (b) 2500
(c) 1600                                                    (d) 900
Answer: (a)

77.  An employee same salary every month. His average income per day will be:
(a) Maximum for the period of January, February,March
(b) Maximum for the period of February,March,April
(c) Maximum for the period of July, August, September
(d) Same for the above three periods
Answer: (b)

78. A man travels from A to B at a speed of 60kmph and back of a speed 40kmph. The distance between A and B is 120km.  The average speed of the journey is (in kmph)
(a) 52                                                   (b) 50
(c) 48                                                   (d) 45
Answer: (c)

79. If FULFNHW is the code for CRICKET, then EULGH is the code for which word?
(a) PRIDE                                             (b) BRIDE
(c) BLADE                                              (d) BLIND
Answer: (b)

80. Salary of a person increases by 4% per year.  Hispresent salary is 9360.  What was his salary during last year?
(a) 9250                                                   (b) 9000
(c) 9160                                                  (d) 8750
Answer: (b)

81. Rani says “I am very fine” (Change into indirect speech):
(a) Rani said that she was very fine
(b) Rani says that she was very fine
(c) Rani says that she is very fine
(d) Rani said that she is very fine
Answer: (c)

82. There is a significant statistical difference in the incidence of rheumatic fever in people with different blood types (Select the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined):
(a) Severity                                                      (b) Range of occurrence
(c) Accidental infection                                (d) Spread
Answer: (b)

83. The antonym of ‘Lethargy’:
(a) Dull                                                        (b) Lifeless
(c) Leather                                                 (d) Vigour
Answer: (d)

84. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Metarology                                           (b) Meteorology
(c) Metiorology                                          (d) Metorology
Answer: (b)

85. ‘Donor’ means:
(a) Banker                                                    (b) Money
(c) Giver                                                       (d) Doctor
Answer: (c)

86. ….. your breakfast already?
(a) have you had                                        (b) had you
(c) Do you have                                          (d) Has had
Answer: (a)

87. The noun form of ‘arrive’ is:
(a) Arriving                                                (b) Arrived
(c) Arrive                                                      (d) Arrival
Answer: (d)

88. He was ….. by the lower court. but acquitted by the High Court:
(a) Condemned                                       (b) Defended
(c) Protected                                            (d) Gained
Answer: (a)

89. If I were a bird, ……
(a) I would have flown away             (b) I would fly away
(c) I will fly away                          (d) I will have flown away
Answer: (b)

90. ….. is a doctor who is specialized in cancer treatment:
(a) Oncologist                                          (b) Pathologist
(c) Cardiologist                                        (d) Ophthalmist

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