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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4 (Page-5)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4

61.  Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’?
(a) Tagore                                               (b) Gandhiji
(c) Netaji Subhas Bose                         (d) Nehru
Answer: (c)

62. In which language Gandhiji started the weekly ‘Young India’?
(a) English                                                (b) Marathi
(c) Hindi                                                   (d) Gujarati
Answer: (a)

63. Ramanuja expounded :
(a) Vishishtadwaitha                              (b) Suddhadvaitha
(c) Advaithavedanta                               (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

64. The mother of Akbar:
(a) Gulbadan Begum                              (b) Hamida Banu Begum
 (c) Noor Jahan                                       (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

65. Persian Emperor Darius annexed Punjab in the year:
(a) 516 BC                                              (b) 326 BC
(c) 327 BC                                              (d) 461 BC
Answer: (a)

66. Suddhodhana, the father of Buddha was the ruler of:
(a) Vaisali                                             (b) Rajgriha
(c) Kapilavastu                                    (d) Saranath
Answer: (c)

67. Bhageerathi and Alakananda meet at:
(a) Prayag                                          (b) Rudraprayag
(c) Devaprayag                                 (d) Karnaprayag
Answer: (c)

68. Orchid Paradise in India:
(a) Assam                                         (b) Sikkim
(c) Arunachal Pradesh                    (d) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: (c)

69. India is the birth place of four major religionsHinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and.......
(a) Parsi religion                             (b) Bahai religion
(c) Shintoism                                  (d) Sikh religion
Answer: (d)

70. Ajanta and Ellora caves are in the state of:
(a) Maharashtra                               (b) Karnataka
(c) Madhya Pradesh                        (d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: (a)

71. Largest tributary of Ganga:
(a) Kosi                                             (b) Yamuna
(c) Son                                              (d) Gomti
Answer: (b)

72. Which schedule of the Indian Constitution is related to languages?
(a) 7th                                              (b) 8th
(c) 9th                                              (d) 10th
Answer: (b)

73. The highest peak in Aravallis:
(a) Mahendragiri                              (b) Shillong Peak
(c) Gurusikhar                                   (d) Nokrek peak
Answer: (c)

74. The area of India is ...... sq.km.
(a) 388630                                        (b) 3287263
(c) 2487263                                      (d) 4288630
Answer: (b)

75.  Which High Court has jurisdiction over the largest number of states?
(a) Allahabad                                     (b) Guwahati
(c) Madras                                         (d) Delhi

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