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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4 (Page-3)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4

31. If you came to me, ……..
(a) I would help you                            (b) will help you
(c) had helped you                              (d) would have helped you
Answer: (a)

32. The meaning of ‘exonorate’:
(a) to convict                                       (b) to convince
(c) to punish                                       (d)  to clear anything wrong doing
Answer: (d)

33. The police is entrusted …… the enforcement of law and order.
(a) for                                                      (b) to
(c) with                                                   (d) at
Answer: (c)

34. The work was done ……. haste.
(a) in                                                       (b) at
(c) on                                                      (d) for
Answer: (a)

35. This is the boy ……. pocket was picked.
(a) who                                                  (b) whom
(c) whose                                              (d) which
Answer: (c)

36. If I had gone for the interview ……..
(a) I would get the job                        (b) I would have got the job
(c) I will get the job                             (d)  I will have get the job
Answer: (b)

37. Which of the following sentences is wrong?
(a) My uncle went abroad last week
(b) He was in a hurry to go to office
(c) If you work hard, you will pass
(d)  No sooner had he reached the home when the light went out
Answer: (d)

38. Kishore is studying hard, but you are ……
(a) well                                               (b) not
(c) industrious                                   (d) fine
Answer: (b)

39. She has two houses in this street, and the house over there is also ……
(a) her                                                (b) hers
(c) her house                                    (d) herself
Answer: (b)

40. For the last six months he ……. Ayurvedic treatment for Asthma.
(a) is taking                                        (b) was taking
(c) takes                                            (d) has been taking
Answer: (d)

41. The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal in 1954:
(a) Chemmeen                                  (b) Swayamvaram
(c) Thulabharam                               (d) Neelakkuyil
Answer: (d)

42. Who was the first secretary of the SNDP Yogam, formed in 1903?
(a) Narayana Guru                            (b) Kumaranasan
(c)  Dr.Palpu                                      (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

43. Name the publication started by Muhammad Abdur Rehman Sahib from Kozhikode in 1924:
(a) Al Hilal                                         (b) Al Ameen
(c) Comreade                                    (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

44. The first Malayali to get Magsaysay Award:
(a) MS Swaminathan                      (b) V Kurien
(c) Sugathakumari                         (d) K Kelappan
Answer: (b)

45.  Who wrote ‘Agnisakshi’?
(a) Lalithambika Antharjanam        (b) Madhavikutty
(c) PK Balakrishnan                          (d) O. N. V. Kurup

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