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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4 (Page-2)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4

16. The salaries of Suma and Rema together amounted to Rs.2000.  Suma spends 95% of her salary and Rema 85% of hers. If their salaries are the same what is Rema’s salary?
(a) Rs.500                                           (b) Rs.750
(c) Rs.1250                                         (d) Rs.1000
Answer: (a)

17. Ruling: King :: Learning; ?
(a) Book                                              (b) School
(c) Scholar                                         (d) Teacher
Answer: (c)

18. A husband and wife had five married sons. Each of these had four children.  How many members are there in the family?
(a) 50                                                  (b) 40
(c) 32                                                  (d) 30
Answer: (c)

19. HIJ:MNO :: RST : ?
(a) WXY                                             (b) UVM
(c) VWX                                             (d) XYD
Answer: (a)

20. 500 is divided by 2.5:
(a) 125                                               (b) 200
(c) 250                                               (d) 2000
Answer: (b)

21. ‘Decease’ is the synonym of:
(a) Illness                                         (b) Unfree
(c) Interval                                       (d) Death
Answer: (d)

22.  The passive voice of ‘Close the door’ is:
(a) Let the door close                   (b) Let the door be closed
(c) Let the door closed                 (d) Let the door is closed
Answer: (b)

23. Do not cry ……. split milk.
(a) over                                            (b) at
(c) by                                                (d) for
Answer: (a)

24. He spoke …… to me …… Urdu.
(a) to, in                                            (b) by, in
(c) to, with                                         (d) at, in
Answer: (a)

25. One who deals in flowers is called:
(a) Grocer                                          (b) Florist
(c) Hawker                                        (d) Draper
Answer: (b)

26. I ……… for him for the last one hour.
(a) have been waiting                       (b) am waiting
(c) waited                                            (d) was waiting
Answer: (a)

27. Which one of the following sentences is not wrong?
(a) Wait here till I return
(b) Wait here till I will return
(c) Wait here till I shall return
(d) Wait here till I would return
Answer: (a)

28. You are free, ……..?
(a) are you                                           (b) don’t you
(c) aren’t you                                       (d) won’t you
Answer: (c)

29. ……. problem facing us is ….. universal one.
(a) The, an                                           (b) A, an
(c) The, a                                             (d) A, the
Answer: (c)

30. ……. brave soldier lost …… arm in the rescue operation:
(a) The, a                                             (b) The, an
(c) A, a                                                  (d) A, the

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