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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4 (Page-1)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-4

1. Select the odd one out:
(a) Transport                                         (b) Bus
(c) Car                                                     (d) Train
Answer: (a)

2. Vendor: Buyer :: Advocate:?
(a) Smith                                                (b) Witness
(c) Judge                                                (d) Client
Answer: (d)

3. The next number in the series: 7,10,9,12,11,…..
(a) 13                                                    (b) 14
(c) 16                                                    (d) 19
Answer: (b)

4. A man was 32 years of age when he had his first son. His wife was 35 years of age when his son attained the age of 7 years.  The difference between their age is …… years.
(a) 7                                                       (b) 3
(c) 5                                                       (d) 4
Answer: (d)

5. A book is most likely to have:
(a) Pages                                              (b) Cover
(c) Chapters                                         (d) Pictures
Answer: (a)

6. By paying an annual premium of Rs.140 a person insured his life for Rs.3500. For what sum must he insure with a premium of Rs.82?
(a) 2000                                                 (b) 2050
(c) 3000                                                  (d) 2500
Answer: (b)

7. Demography is related to population in the same
way Etymology is related to:
(a) Diseases                                             (b) Birds
(c) Coins                                                   (d) Words
Answer: (d)

8. A number is made of two digits. If 45 is added to the number, the digits get reversed. The number could be:
(a) 18                                                        (b) 36
(c) 54                                                        (d) 27
Answer: (d)

9. Drama: Director :: Magazine:?
(a) Publisher                                          (b) Editor
(c) Reader                                               (d) Printer
Answer: (b)

10. 50% of 50% of 12 is how much?
(a) 3                                                         (b) 6
(c) 2                                                         (d)1
Answer: (a)

11. If PRAYAG is coded as 654342, what would be 5424 stands for?
(a) YAGA                                                (b) MAYA
(c) GAYA                                                (d) RAGA
Answer: (d)

12. If the difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum at a rate of 5% per annum in 2 years is Rs.15, the sum is:
(a) 5000                                                   (b) 5500
(c) 4500                                                   (d) 6000
Answer: (d)

13. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes first:
(a) Cloud                                                (b) Middle
(c) Chain                                                 (d) Grunt
Answer: (c)

14. If the rate of simple interest is 12% per annum the amount that would fetch interest of Rs.6000 per annum:
(a) 720                                                   (b) 48543.69
(c) 50000                                              (d) 72000
Answer: (c)

15. Select the odd one:
(a) Petrol                                              (b) Diesel
(c) Kerozene                                        (d)Vanaspati

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