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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-1 (Page-2)

1000 Previous Questions and Answers for
PSC/SSC/UPSC/RRB Exams- Part-1

16. The snake that builds nest:
(a) Viper                                              (b) Rat Snake
(c) Anaconda                                      (d) King Cobra
Answer: (d)

17 .The double walled covering of heart:
(a) Peritoneum                                    (b) Pericardium
(c) Meninjus                                            (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

18. Hardest part of the human body:
(a) Enamal of tooth                             (b) Nail
(c) Hair                                                   (d) Femur
Answer: (a)

19. Which disease is known as Break bone fever?
(a) Rickets                                            (b) Marasmus
(c) Dengue fever                                 (d) Scurvy
Answer: (c)

20. Which comes in the middle during solar eclipse?
(a) Sun                                                (b) Moon
(c) Earth                                             (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

21. Summer solstice in northern hemisphere:
(a) June 21                                                  (b) December 22
(c) March 21                                                (d) September 23
Answer: (a)

22. Ringit is the currency of:
(a) Malaysia                                              (b) Thailand
(c) Brunei                                                  (d) Laos
Answer: (a)

23. The correct order of mountain ranges in Himalayas from north to south:
(a) Himachal, Himadri, Shiwalik
(b) Himachal, Shiwalik ,Himadri
(c) Himadri, Himachal, Shiwalik
(d) Shiwalik, Himachal, Himadri
Answer: (c)

24. Oldest Dravidian language:
(a) Telugu                                                 (b) Kannada
(c) Malayalam                                          (d) Tamil
Answer: (d)

25. The second metro railway in India:
(a) Goa                                                     (b) Kolkata
(c) New Delhi                                          (d) Mumbai
Answer: (c)

26. In which year 14 banks were nationalised during the prime ministership of Indira Gandhi?
(a) 1959                                                   (b) 1949
(c) 1969                                                    (d) 1979
Answer: (c)

27. Yakshagana is a folk dance drama of:
(a) Kerala                                                   (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Andhra Pradesh                                  (d) Karnataka
Answer: (d)

28. Where is Chennakesava temple?
(a) Belur                                                    (b) Halebid
(c) Madurai                                               (d) Hampi
Answer: (a)

29. Tiger state of India:
(a) Gujarat                                                  (b) Rajastan
(c) Madhya Pradesh                                 (d) Assam
Answer: (c)

30. Who repaired Sudarshan lake?
(a) Rudradaman                                         (b) Kanishka
(c) Pushyamitra                                          (d) Devabhuti

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